About In Search of Richard Snyder

According to the bible, the fiftieth year is a time for celebration, the Jubilee.  In my fiftieth year, I was breaking up with my new partner, my kids were moving away, and I was… turning 50.

I was trying to face my imminent 50’s at a retreat in Ojai, CA when I met Christine McHugh. I mentioned to her, as a random aside, that I had watched a friend’s one-man-show on his facebook page the night before. Not so random it turned out.  Christine replied, “I directed that show!” And so began a year long collaboration in writing, rehearsing and performing “In Search of…. Richard Snyder (the First 50 Years).”

In the 1970’s, “In Search of….” was a TV show, hosted by Leonard Nimoy that searched for the legendary and the obscure, such as UFO’s or the Sasquatch.  In 2010, I was searching for myself.

My “In Search of….” is a personal memoir that starts with my childhood in the 1960’s; progresses through college, career, marriage and divorce, and ends with a radiant vision of life after 50.  It was performed 5/21/2011 at the Center for Spiritual Living for an audience of 160 people.

Here’s the quick slideshow version.



Chapter 1:  (16:33)A Series of Unfortunate Humiliations

A look at life in 1960’s Longmeadow, MA: throwing cereal as a baby, migraines in Nursery School, being bitten by a dog, fierce dragon flies, being nicknamed “Petunia” in gym class.

Chapter 2: (7:45) I Will Never Be Humiliated Again

Humiliations are overcome by academic successes and romantic successes with three remarkable women, but I was keeping secrets.

Chapter 3:  (7:15) Dayenu

I discover that I’m a neurotic Jew and proofs are given.

Chapter 4:  (9:16) God and His Lack of Interest

Encounters with God: Sunday School in the 1960’s, my first crush in High School, Mysticism and Carl Jung at Bowdoin College, New Age celebrities at Stanford. 

Chapter 5:  (6:33) The Grand Opening

My carefully constructed identity of successful doctor, father, and husband comes crashing down with divorce.

Chapter 6:  (10:51) Soulmate

I learn about the concept of a soulmate and enroll in a course to find one. 

Chapter 7:  (9:37) God Does an Intervention

A series of mentors who found me rather than me finding them.

Chapter 8:  (20:16) Radiant Richard

Self love to Divine love back to self love ending with what I call the “Holy Threeway.” 

Bonus Chapter:  (12:23)Grandmothers

My Grandmother Snyder who was driven by love and my Grandmother Levine who was driven by accomplishment.

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Developed with and Directed by: Christine McHugh

Sound/Lights: Guy Stanley

Event Design and Manager: Jonathan Mathews

Acting Coaching: Eric Mulholland

Singing Coaching: Gina Salá

Song: “Beloved Be Like That to Me” Based on a poem by Rumi, arranged by Amir O’Loughlin

Photoshop: Paul Rosenberg and Jonathan Mathews