On Being 48: Remodeling a Kitchen and a Sexuality

Now that the ski resorts are closed, I’m finally ready to do my 2008 Holiday Letter! My last Holiday letter reported a “very eventful” 2007 in which I had a crash course in how to be single and divorced.  Not satisfied with a merely “very-eventful-life,” in 2008, I entered a phase of “super-eventful” by remodeling…read more

On Being 47: Journal Entry on the Whole Year

Rose has definitely entered the pre-teen/teen years.  She spends a lot of time computer chatting and socializing with friends.  She has her own cell phone and knows how to use it.  She dyed her hair red.  (I dyed it for her the first time)  Then, she cut it short like her favorite Manga character Gaara. …read more

On Being 45: Journal Entry by Ex-Wife on the Whole Year

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I still intend to write the annual holiday letter, since I love it that I can keep in touch with all of you this way. Nobody in the family died this year, for starters.  Yup, I know, Astro can’t possibly still be alive, can she?  Well, what do…read more

On Being 44: Journal Entry by Ex-Wife on the Whole Year

Well, the holidays have passed and the weather is changing (and changing and changing) in that  little-bit-of-everything Seattle springtime way.  The little flowers are coming up and being pelted by hail at the moment.  And something has been telling me for a while that it’s time to write my holiday letter.  You kind of want…read more

On Being 42: Journal Entry by Ex-Wife on Whole Year

It’s gotten to be that time of year again, and, in fact, it has passed that time of year again, and now it’s nearly Valentine’s Day.  It’s nice that there’s almost always some holiday you can count on to make it worthwhile to write to all your friends.  So Happy Valentine’s Day! This last year…read more

On Being 41: Journal Entry by Ex-Wife on Whole Year

As the French are fond of saying, the more things change the more it’s the same thing (the grammar’s better in French, though).   The adults have gotten a little older, a bit more like ourselves. The kids, as you can see, are taller and, if possible, leaner.  We begin to be able to capture glimpses…read more

On Being 40: Journal Entry by Ex-Wife on Whole Year

We added a garage in the back with a 2nd floor art studio, and since we really liked the people doing the work we then re-built a bathroom and adjoining bedroom/office.  Although almost all the work was done by professionals, just being around and making decisions ate up the tiny shreds of free time we…read more