The Essence of Mediation

Little-Boiled-Frog Goes to the Spa As you will recall, there was an internal struggle of who would get to be my inner animal.  We had Pomeranian, the anxious bug-eyed-dog who had served me so well for the last 40 years; Water Buffalo, the large uncomplaining semi-domesticated bovine with “issues” who had been nominated by Janice,…read more

The Heifer Project is Confused by my Donation of a Pomeranian

Heifer Project International 1 World AvenueLittle Rock, AR 72202 USA Tel.: (800) 422-0474 12/20/06 Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cantrell 622 East B Street Moscow, ID 83843 United States of America Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell, We thank you very much for your past support and for this year’s generous donation.  The Northern Indian village which…read more

The Mystical Experience of Contra-Dancing

Dancing American Style It was about time for Rachel and I to find another fun thing to do together.    We had already of raised a dog from puppy-hood to senior citizenship, bought a house and sold it at a loss, of bought another house and remodeled it, remodeled it again, and remodeled it again, had…read more

Learning Italian is like eating Italian

This week I thought I’d write about the experience of language school, what it’s like learning a new language at a school for foreigners in Italy.  I could talk about the beauty of learning a completely new thing.  I could talk about the neurobiology of language acquistion.  But, instead I would like to talk about…read more

Sweating in Italy

The big happening this week was our little “super” vacation to Isola D’Elba.  I say “super” because we’re already on vacation in Lucca and our trips away from here are vacations on top of our vacation.  Anyway, I wouldn’t say that this “super” vacation was “super” from the pleasure standpoint. First, I should say that…read more