On Being 59 and 60: Refrigerator as Metaphor

Something smells bad in our refrigerator. Rotten vegetable smell. I have smelled every individual item in there. I have gotten on hands and knees and inspected underneath the fridge. I have cleaned the crisper. I have thrown out old food. But every time I open the door there’s that smell. This is just the type…read more

On Sam Snyder

  Dad’s Obit that I wrote Samuel Morton Snyder (aka Sammy) died Oct 3,2020 in East Longmeadow, near his hometown of Springfield, MA at the age of 87 after a several year battle with dementia. He was the youngest of five children of Morris and Stella Snyder, Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe at the turn…read more

On Laura Snyder

  Laura Singing Tide and River Rising   My words at her Memorial Service I’m Richard Snyder.  I’m Laura’s older brother.  Needless to say, I’ve known Laura a long time.  I want to share 4 brother-sister moments that we had together . Moment 1  late 1960’s. Laura, my brother Danny and I are in the…read more

My 2006 Donation to the Heifer Project Has Died

Heifer Project International 1 World AvenueLittle Rock, AR 72202USA Tel.: (800) 422-047412/20/06 Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cantrell 622 East B Street Moscow, ID 83843 United States of America Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell, We are very sad to report that the Pomeranian Queenvictoriasnordictreasurethethird you donated in 2006 passed this year at the tender age of…read more

On Being 57 and 58: A Year of Wine and Oil

“And it will be if you diligently obey My commandments… I will give rain for your land at the proper time…and you will gather in your grain, your wine and your oil.”   There are 613 commandments in the Torah ranging from honor your mother and father, to not benefitting from an ox condemned to be…read more

On Being 56: The Year of Living Jewishly

At sunset on December 4th, 1972, a 12 year old boy featuring a teen-age-not-yet-shaved-but-should-have-been-but-it-was-too-embarassing-because-none-of-the-other-kids-were-so-hairy moustache was waiting at the yellow Formica kitchen counter.  To the right a glass fish bowl with 2 guppies looking pretty good despite having had 10’s of babies 2 days before which had been immediately removed and given to the neighbors…read more

On Being 54: Dinosaurs, Ponies and Jewish Mothers

Rose is in her second year at Evergreen State College. After having wandered two years in the wilderness of Reed College and Seattle Community Colleges, she has re-discovered the joy of learning. Evergreen not only suits her academically, she has been living 1 minute away from her supportive first cousin, Annie Cantrel; and one and a half…read more

On Being 53: Revelations on the Persistence of Low Energy

Most Annual Letters  are listings of accomplishments, ie celebrations.  It is the rare Annual Letter that is revelatory, ie revealing of juicy details.  For 2013, I have much to celebrate… and a bit to reveal.  (Relax Rose and Christopher; the “reveal” is about me, not you guys)  First: the celebrations! My Film Short:  “On the…read more