The Handbook for Teaching Cutting Edge Soft Skills

richard-synder-handbookThis 50 page pdf is an instruction manual for educators wanting to teach non-technical skills using experiential learning techniques from Theater, Business and Sports. It was originally created for a train-the-trainer course at The International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare.

It provides experiential activities and associated debriefing techniques for:

  • Awareness and Presence
  • Coping with Stress/Failing with Grace
  • Communication/Listening and Expressing
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Respect and Empathy
  • Accepting Criticism
  • Moving from Current Situation to Desired Outcome

It also provides techniques for effective group facilitation

  • Opening Your Training
  • Debriefs and Reinforcement
  • Getting the Group’s Attention
  • Establishing Context
  • Closing Trainings

It’s authors are:

Richard Snyder MD: physician, educator, author, film maker, actor

Rich Cox : Stanford Business School Lecturer, owner of People Rocket – a global management design firm specializing in enhancing leadership, and innovation via individualized coaching and group learning experiences, improv theater teacher

William Hall: Stanford Business School Instructor, co-founder of BATS Improv in San Francisco, actor, director, trainer, author of IMPROV GAMES