My 2006 Donation to the Heifer Project Has Died

Heifer Project International
1 World AvenueLittle Rock, AR 72202USA
Tel.: (800) 422-047412/20/06

Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cantrell

622 East B Street

Moscow, ID 83843

United States of America

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell,

We are very sad to report that the Pomeranian Queenvictoriasnordictreasurethethird you donated in 2006 passed this year at the tender age of forty five.  We had been told that small pure-bred dogs were smart.  But we did not expect her to learn out language and then plan her own funeral.  Unfortunately, your $100 donation does not to cover her funeral expenses which include:


Paws Rest Premium Pet Casket Poplar Wood with Dark Cherry Stain featuring soft almond color velvet interior.


Full scale replica of the Egyptian Funerary Boat used to carry the Pharoah Khufu from Memphis to Giza

$502 million

The white marble tomb complex standing on a square plinth, consisting of chamfered corners forming an unequal eight-sided structure 55 metres on each of the four long sides.  Four minarets framing the tomb, one at each corner of the plinth facing the chamfered corners with the main chamber housing the sarcophagus.  The sarcophagus is Italian marble with a monumental marble sculpture of Queenvictoriasnordictreasurethethird in a reclined position atop the tomb with allegorical figures of “Night” and “Day” seated below her, “Night” a giantess, twisting in an uneasy slumber, “Day” looking wrathfully over his shoulder.

We will look forward to the completion of your 2019 donation.


Not wanting to appear ungrateful,


Citizens of Shivanehru, India

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