One Man Show

“In Search of ….. Richard Snyder” is a One Man Show of a set of 9 monologs performed May 21st , 2011 for 160 people in Seattle, WA.

It was inspired by the 1970’s TV series, “In Search of…” in which Leonard Nimoy searched for UFO’s or the Yeti. I was searching for the equally elusive me at the age of 50. I teamed up with Director, and Theatre Coach Christine McHugh to write and rehearse the show over a 12-month period. It is a personal memoir starting with awkward childhood in 1960’s Longmeadow, MA; progressing through college, medical school and career; marriage and divorce, the incomprehensible Judaism of childhood versus the miracles of adult eclectic spirituality, the painful search for my soulmate, and arriving at a radiant vision of life after 50.

About It