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Applied Performing Arts

The performance principles and practices of theatre arts up-level our connections to others leading to more success and gratification in daily routines, work life and relationships. In academics, the general approach is called “Applied Performing Arts.” The use of Improv Theater to improve daily performance is called “Applied Improv.”

My Top Links 

My Stanford Talk
ideo Clips and Transcripts of my talk on use of performing arts curricula to improve medical communication.

The International Community of Applied Improv Professionals
Professional organization dedicated to using Improv Theatre curricula to improve professional success.
Applied Improv for medical professionals by my friends Dr. Belinda Fu and Katie Watson

Center for Communicating Science
Academic center dedicated to teaching scientists performance techniques so that they communicate more effectively with the public, public officials, and others outside their own discipline.


New Yorker Piece on Applied Improv for Police 


The Art of Medicine

Combining creative arts and medicine links science to emotion thereby making better doctors.

My Top Links
Irreverent blog with striking imagery of anatomy



Tantric Yoga

A set of principles and practices that emerged from ancient India that teaches that the physical world, especially our own bodies, can be a source of enlightenment.

My Top Links 

Gina Sala
Seattle Singer and master of Chanting/Mantra.

Rudy Ballentine
Western trained physician and pioneer in Ayurvedic medicine and tantric yoga in the US.

The Real Story on the Chakras
Scholarly examination of Chakra system contrasting its ancient roots with Western adaptations.




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